4 Essential Updates Before Selling Your Home

December 28, 2017

With the new year approaching, you may be thinking about putting your home on the market in 2018.  Based on my experience with working with realtors and staging homes that are in need of some TLC {BIG shout out to The Donovan Home Team}I have gathered a few updates that make a huge impact on quickly selling your home.  


I completely understand that this process, updating your home for someone else, is a huge pain in the butt, but you have to put yourself in the buyer's shoes.  What qualities would you look for when purchasing a home?  Not many people want to buy a house that needs major renovations.  It's already stressful enough going through the process of closing, packing, and moving.  Here are 4 essential updates your should be focusing on before putting your house on the market:



One of the first places homeowners will take into consideration before putting an offer on a home.  People tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but not only that, it's also where most everybody gathers at a party or get-together.  It's no wonder the kitchen is the heart of the home.  


If your kitchen cabinets are in bad shape, but replacing them isn't within your budget, re-staining or painting your existing cabinets is  a cost efficient alternative.  Taking this on as a DIY project will also save you a lot of money.  


A simple way of updating the look of your kitchen is by adding or replacing your cabinet hardware.  This will make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen.  If you currently don't have any cabinet hardware, you can choose whatever your heart desires.  But with existing pulls or knobs, you'll need to find replacement hardware that will accommodate the existing holes.  For an example, if you have a cabinet pull that is 3" from center of hole to hole, you'll need to find a pull that will also fit that same 3" distance.  Patching up existing holes is never attractive. If you have a knob, which means there is only one drilled hole, you can either replace it with another knob or even install a pull by drilling an extra hole.  Keep in mind, this only works for doors,  NOT drawers.


 If your countertop is completely outdated or in bad condition, replace it with a lighter color stone.  Stones like granite, marble, or quartz  can stay, but if you have laminate, corian, or outdated tiles as a countertop material, it's time to say good-bye. 


 Another way of adding a wow factor to your kitchen is installing or replacing your backsplash.  If you currently have a 4" backsplash that matches your counter, remove it before installing some fresh new tiles.  This will look more seamless and will make your backsplash seem taller.  



If it's within your budget, upgrading to stainless steel appliances is highly recommended. It's one of the main upgrades people will seek when looking at a kitchen. 


Now, I went through what seems like a full kitchen remodel, but just completing a few of these things will make a world of difference.  If you have a limited budget, then you'lll have to decide which of these items take priority and go from there!


Master Bathroom

This is the 2nd most important room to focus on when updating your home.  It's another place homeowners will spend a lot of time, especially to get ready, so they'd like to do it in a clean and comfortable environment.  


Like I mentioned under Kitchen upgrades, re-staining or painting the cabinets will really refresh the look of the bathroom.  Because bathrooms tend to lack natural light, sticking to lighter colors will help the bathroom feel more airy.  Again, adding or replacing cabinet hardware will enhance the look of your cabinets!


If you have outdated floors, replacing them would be ideal.  A lot of times with flooring like laminate, you can tile right over it to save some labor cost.  Remember, the larger the tiles, the larger the bathroom will feel.  Rectangular tiles are more modern while square tiles are more traditional. 


 With online stores like Wayfair and Build, there are many options for sink faucets and vanity sconces that aren't too pricey.  You can easily find nice plumbing and electrical fixtures for about $100 or less.


Simply replacing builder grade accessories {towel rings, towel bars, and toilet paper holders} is an inexpensive way of upgrading the look of your bathroom. 




You would be surprised at how many homeowners will inspect the floors of a home before putting in an offer.  They will weigh in on how much work it needs or if it needs to be replaced.


If your wood floor is in bad condition, sanding and re-staining should be on your priority list.  Avoid using red stains, most buyers nowadays are looking for either darker brown hues like espresso, or gray stained wood flooring like the picture above.  Just like tiles, buyers gravitate towards wider planks all because it makes the room feel larger.  People typically like to see wood flooring in large gathering spaces like the kitchen, living room, and family rooms.  


Carpet can be kept in bedrooms, some people find it to be cozier.  Just be sure to thoroughly clean them, and stretch them if you start to see ripples.  If stains cannot be removed with an industrial carpet cleaning machine, replacing them would be highly suggested.  




The color of your walls have a huge impact on making a home feel larger or smaller.  That's why it's so important to choose the right paint color before selling your home.


Having paint colors or wallcovering that are dated or too taste specific is a drawback.  Greige paint colors are normally my go-to suggestions.  It's a combination of beige and gray, in other words, a warm gray.  Lighter colors will also help make the home look larger.  Some of my favorite colors to use are: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, and Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.  For cost efficiency purposes, you can always color match these with your paint brand preference.




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